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Our services include:


  • A site visit to your house for original details and photos to be used in your book

  • Locating the original plat for your house

  • Building permit(s)

  • Census reports for the original owners and renters or lodgers

  • Background of architects, builders and/or owners where available

  • Archival photographs of your neighborhood

  • Historical information relevant to your neighborhood

  • During the course of research we will include any unique piece of history  about your house or neighborhood

  • Copies of original documents found

  • A hardcover color book of finished project.

  • Research encompasses a 50 year period.

  • It will take approximately 8 weeks to complete a book.


Please note that we cannot provide research relating to renovations or structural changes. For help with these questions contact a surveyor or contractor.


Pricing is $750 and includes research and cost of printing a four color book.



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